How to organize a school support class?


How to organize a school support class?

Whether it is private math classes or preparation for the exam, the tutoring classes have limited parts!: How to organize a school support class?

Apart from deciding the price of your classes, you should know how to organize the classes in advance , depending on your student.  It is an important part of your job, which you will have to decide based on several factors.
When the time comes to confront the student, the teacher starts  a certain lesson plan, in order to facilitate learning, but also teaching. Either during the holidays or throughout the year, you should organize the school support classes in several stages.
The first part , after the first class to get to know each other, must be devoted to evaluating the student’s knowledge. For a few minutes,  you should evaluate if the student has understood the lessons of the day or the week. What new concepts has the student learned? What are your difficulties at this time? Do you have all the concepts in mind? All these questions will allow you to better define how to approach the class!
Then comes  the practice, where, very specifically, it is about  doing homework, with the support of the guide, of help, that the teachers represent.
Finally,  the last part  consists of a series of questions, to find out if the student has understood the class. Have you understood all the concepts? Would you be ready for an exam? How to work better on math for the next class? These questions allow you to  make sense  of class time, but also of your work!
Because if a  math or guitar class  is supposed to last an hour, knowing how to organize it well is important  ! Let’s not forget that they are also personal services!
As you can see, becoming a homework tutor is  an ideal job – in more ways than one! In addition to potentially attractive remuneration, teaching classes at home or online allows you to develop your pedagogy, perceive the concrete effects of your efforts and add experience to your CV.
If you want to sign up for a platform, remember that at Superprof we will always welcome you with open arms. You will find students in no time. Good luck!

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