How to pray in Arabic?

It is the reason why many people take the step and begin to study Arabic, because the Muslim faith could not fully take root in an individual who does not feed on the language chosen by Allah.
Praying their prayer in liturgical Arabic is not easy for non-Arabic speakers, but even dialectal Arabic speakers must pay attention that their deeds and gestures are in accordance with the prescriptions of the Muslim religion.
The 5 daily prayers are an obligation linked to the 5 pillars of Islam, whose adherents number almost one billion in the world today.
The ritual associates the words in Arabic (it is mandatory) with different bodily attitudes, starting with ablutions or purification rites, before prayer.
The Diaspora of Aragibian dialects | source:
In the Christian world, the Arabic language is used mainly by the Maronites, who associate it with Syrian.
Some other communities use it on a daily basis, such as the Alawites of Syria.
In all cases, the sounds of the Arabic language are put at the service of praise to the Creator of all things, and for centuries it has occupied a place comparable to that of Greek, Latin or Slavic. How to pray in Arabic?

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