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If the Greek alphabet, cousin of Latin, already has something to baffle a native Spanish speaker … what about the Hebrew and Arabic alphabets?
Its symbols can be confusing at first, like any hieroglyph. But every communication system has its key, which makes it crystal clear: it is enough to be initiated, with an introduction.
For this reason learning to write in Arabic is possible.
Before starting, you have to think that it is one of the most difficult languages ​​to transcribe in the world. You will have to do twice as much effort to get a good result!
Then don’t forget that literary Arabic is even more difficult than dialect Arabic . However, it is the first one that interests us and the one that will be the goal of all children who learn the language of Ismael.
This Koranic Arabic is that of the elites and public authorities, as well as being the sacred language of the Muslim horizon. It therefore assumes the security of being understood, both orally and in writing, in all the countries of the Arab world.
Without wanting to be scary, know that you will need more than 2000 hours of Arabic classes (private Arabic classes are more effective, because they are more personalized. But, why not also try online Arabic classes?) , before you get to grips with the Arabic script …

In short, you have to be passionate or highly motivated!: Learn to write Arabic

Dubai | To travel or work, Arabic will be very useful | source: stocksnap.io
The main characteristics of the Arabic script, with an alphabet of 28 letters, are:
It goes from right to left
It has a cursive shape (like many ancient languages ​​in which the letters did not separate from each other),
Omit the vowels (just like traditional Hebrew),
Capital letters are not used (as before Latin) …
Elements that make reading it very complex for a neophyte. However, we appreciate from the first glance that Arabic calligraphy, in this sense similar to that of Chinese or Japanese, is a visual art in itself.
Fortunately, there are learning manuals and workbooks for learning to write in Arabic.
For those who do not want to make this investment, the Internet offers more than one possibility with programs such as ABC Arabic or Write with me in Arabic, not to mention a large number of video tutorials on YouTube and other channels.
Then, the important thing is to practice : also in this case, the web – or someone you know – will help you find a contact to read and write in Arabic , since practice is really essential.
This practice supposes an ever greater immersion in the Arabian culture.
Would you sign up for an Arabic Madrid class ?

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