How to provide a good kind of school support


How to provide a good kind of school support

We are going to leave the generalities and return to focus on the issue. ¿ How to organize a class effectively ? What makes a bad school support class different from a good one? What are the tricks you need to know to be successful?
The first thing you have to consider is if you really are cut out for this profession. In fact, not everyone has the right personality to be a good teacher.
For tutoring, human virtues are especially important. Knowing how to listen, patience, altruism, love of knowledge, taste for the transmission of knowledge … These faculties are necessary to practice this profession. Apart from possessing these general qualities, one has to assume his own personality.

Private Mathematics classes are in high demand.: How to provide a good kind of school support

In a market where there is a lot of supply, even more so in urban areas, it is important to stand out and stand out from the rest (in a positive way, of course!).
You must structure your private classes in the same way (it lasts one or two hours). For example, it seems appropriate to start with ten minutes to review or say aloud the concepts learned in the class of the previous week, which will help you to check their progress, as well as the difficulties that need to be clarified.
On the other hand, at the end of the class, even if it is only a simple help with homework, the student must be motivated using new perspectives, going beyond the concepts studied in class: installing some educational applications, making him see the interest that there is behind some mathematical theorems, etc.

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