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How to start a blog and monetize it through Google


How to start a blog and monetize it through Google

I teach you how to make money writing on your own blog

Welcome to the second part of How to be a Blogger and make money

In the first part we analyzed what a blog is for and how it can bring us economic benefits as well as enhance our entrepreneurship or brand.

This time we will review how to start a blog and monetize it. That is, that you allow Google to show ads on your blog and receive money for writing content.

First you need the foundations of what your great project will be, for this we will use the most accessible tool for web content management: WordPress.

You could use Blogger, Tumblr or any other manager (except Wix) but none of them compete with WordPress; And don’t worry as it is not difficult to use.

To build a blog you need hosting and domain, I am going to recommend the best and cheapest (of which we made an analysis here) , It is Hostinger and I recommend it because it is the best performance and its technical support works 24/7 without mentioning that it is the easiest and most intuitive to use.

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TOTAL 30-day satisfaction guarantee (if it is not the easiest to use and with the best technical support, I assure you that you get your money back immediately) I also give you unlimited emails and SSL security certificate only if you buy through my link.

Once you have hosting and domain what you should do is install WordPress. Another reason I recommend Hostinger is because the installation is assisted, so you don’t need to know anything about programming.

Once installed, you can style your blog with templates, images, logos, fonts, etc. That will be for another tutorial, for now what we are interested in is learning how to monetize.

How to request monetization: How to start a blog and it through Google

  1. First integrate the Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel codes and register your page in Google Search Console (ask a webmaster for help if necessary)
  2. Open an AdSense account , they will ask you to integrate a code to your blog and they will submit your website to an evaluation, this implies that you meet certain requirements:
  • Your blog must have enough content (more than a thousand words) on the main page
  • You must have a certain number of visits, from a thousand you can request monetization (they may be less, but wait until you have a thousand)
  • Your page must not contain high-sounding words in any context, it must not contain broken links to monetization or spam websites or to referral sites or short links.
  • Neither will blogs with topics that generate susceptibility or violate policies such as gambling, casinos, games, adult content, violence, etc.
  • Have a security SSL certificate without mixed content (you will not have a problem with this if you buy your Hosting where I indicated above, it is automatically configured )
  • Fifth: The verification takes an average of one week, you have to be patient, once it is approved you will have to wait longer since they will send you a letter to your address, which contains a validation number.

Once you have everything activated you can start showing ads. My recommendation is that the first 2 or 3 months activate the ads in AUTOMATIC PILOT so that you begin to realize in which areas the tool shows more advertising and so later you decide where to put them and they are less invasive and accurate, which generates more money .

It is very easy to put ads on your page

The AdSense platform has reports that will tell you where the ads are generating the most clicks.

It also has a tool for you to design the ad spaces. It’s very easy, you designate an ad size, they give you a code, you paste it where you want it to appear, you paste it one line in a row and that’s it.

Once your site is monetized, remember that you earn by clicks, so don’t bother opening and closing the page, Google always knows who is seeing ads and we don’t want to make San Google angry.

The best thing is to generate a lot of content. I recommend that, if you open a blog, be ON A SINGLE TOPIC and very specific, the more specific and vertical the better, since this way you will concentrate advertisers and organic searches.

Check out the third part of this series on how to generate traffic to your website

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