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How to stay focused during online classes?


How to stay focused during online classes?

You have to adopt a straight position and not do the classes in low light.
The fight against school dropouts is not easy with distance classes. For young people, sitting in a chair all day is no longer easy in normal times, but behind a screen, staying focused is even more difficult!
Here are our  tips to avoid being distracted during video classes taught during the coronavirus:
Sit at a desk. Sit properly and choose a quiet place where there are no other family members who can talk to you or distract your attention. It is best to have a space dedicated only to study. In this way, when you sit in this place, you can listen and work more calmly.
Avoid sources of distraction: mute email notifications on your computer, leave your phone in another room, and close social media tabs to focus only on class.
Keep a regular schedule:  your online classes will normally be held at the same time as your regular classes, so you can maintain a normal work rate. In the morning prepare as if you were going to your center: get dressed, have breakfast …
Take regular breaks:  If during class you notice a decrease in attention, feel free to get up, walk and do some stretches for 30 seconds to 1 minute and refocus when you sit down. Between classes, if possible, take a 15-minute break. Take the opportunity to ventilate the room, breathe some fresh air, stretch … But keep your mobile away from you!
Participate during your online classes:  it is not always possible, but if it is, do not hesitate to ask questions and answer those that the teacher asks. Not only will you be more focused, but you will also memorize more. It is a great way to be successful in your school year. And so the class will pass you faster too!
Eat and drink water regularly: You should also eat a good breakfast, since the brain burns up to 60% of our energy, according to Doug Boyer, a researcher at Duke University in the United States. You need to eat!
Do sports:  when you are not in front of a screen, take the opportunity to move. Sport helps you focus.
Get a good night’s sleep:  Stick to a regular sleep schedule to stay more focused throughout the day. Lack of sleep affects not only attention, but also memorization. How to stay focused during online classes?

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