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Tips to avoid school dropouts during the coronavirus


Tips to avoid school dropouts during the coronavirus

The teenager no longer has so much direct contact with his friends, support him!: Tips to avoid school dropouts during the coronavirus

Dropout prevention  begins in the student’s home . The school establishment can help identify young people who are at higher risk of dropping out, but parents have to be vigilant, since the risk is greater if the student is alone in front of the educational system. The involvement of parents is essential to combat school dropout and must begin at an early age, long before high school.
This risk of dropping out of school increases with the coronavirus, since the educational community has a more diffuse link with the adolescent (due to classes by videoconference). It is more difficult to identify a dropout situation and initiate specific actions.

These are our  10 tips to prevent your child from leaving school without any initial training:

Keep in touch with the teachers and educational teams of the school or institute:  if you notice that your child shows the first signs of academic difficulties, tell his tutor and / or the director of the center.
You must be present  as much as possible to avoid dropping out of school.
Encourage all forms of learning:  being behind a screen all day is not easy, so feel free to offer other forms of learning (books, games, discussions …).
Know your child’s strengths and weaknesses and help him  to cope with his difficulties as well as possible or to give him a little margin in certain subjects that he does not like (as long as it does not affect his average grade too much).
Talk to him. Take an interest in his life, both personal and academic. Ask him how he feels and about his future, without pressure or judgment to avoid the risk that he will not talk to you.
Help him set goals. During this period of coronavirus, help him plan for the future by setting goals to achieve it little by little.
Tell him to turn off the screens to signal the end of the school day and the beginning of leisure time.
Keep her going with extracurricular activities  as much as possible. Offer alternatives if dance class or basketball training has had to be suspended due to Covid-19. The key is to get him moving and getting tired.
Help him maintain a school rhythm:  have him get up and go to bed at a certain time during the week.
Enroll him in private classes  in case he needs them in one or more subjects to avoid repeating the course.

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