HUAWEI Mate Book 13, A Small Laptop | complete guide


 HUAWEI Mate Book 13, A Small Laptop

If you are thinking about upgrading or buying a new laptop, you must consider these five points. You will be glad to know that the small laptop of HUAWEI Mate Book 13 actually falls in this area.

  1. Easy Portability
  2. Attractive Display
  3. Performance and extra function
  4. Battery
  5. Price

It’s more important while you are traveling and working in various places and situations with your laptop.

Easy Portability

It has a slim 14.9-millimeter body with smooth edges throughout, so it’s easy to handle. You are glad to know both are very good. The keyboard is great to give smooth and well-spaced keys. Its touchpad is actually good and responsive. The weight is around 1.3KG, it is easy to pick up and travel around well. Giving an ultramodern superior look

 HUAWEI Mate Book 13 A Small Laptop
HUAWEI Mate Book 13 A Small Laptop

The Small Laptop with Easy Portability

Attractive Display

The small laptop of Huawei Mate Book 13 with 2k (2160×1440) resolution,88% screen-to-body ratio, and 3:2 aspect ratios give an immersive visual experience, more bright and perfect reading writing to the user. The thinnest bezels on a 13-inch laptop give the display an excellent color,

Huawei Mate Book 13 Display
Huawei Mate Book 13 Display

Performance and extra function

With the 10th generation Intel® core i7, it’s Intel’s latest ultra-low-power processor and NVIDIA® GeForce® MX250 discrete graphics. The 16 GB of RAM, 512 GB SSD storage, and Windows 10 makes multi-task too easy. I can run smooth exhaustive apps or extensive files or extensive files or extensive files and more quickly. You can run multiple extensive files with extraordinary specifications. It makes video editing and gaming fast, smooth and reliable because of 1733 Maps downloading speed because of dual 2×2 MIMO Wi-Fi antennas.

10th generation Intel® core i7 used in HUAWEI small laptop
10th generation Intel® core i7 used in HUAWEI small laptop

Dual fan

Shark and shark 2.0 fan designs help to dissipate more heat always by using dual fans. Increases 25% speed because of enhanced airflow that cools the computer more rapidly and gives you a better work experience. Dual fans help you run multiple apps and games at the same time smoothly.

Dual-fan used in small Laptop
Dual-fan used in small Laptop

Fingerprint button

The laptop also gives you a fingerprint button function that helps you quickly log in to your computer. This function gives you a safe, fast, and user-friendly environment.

HUAWEI Fingerprint button
HUAWEI Fingerprint button

The 65 W USB-C Charger

These functions give much more than a normal charge. We can use its detachable cable for data transfer and for charging. It also gives you a supercharger for certain phones.

Huawei shares

Give you the option of connecting your smartphone with Mate Book with just a simple tap without an internet connection. The phone screen appears on the laptop which allows you to edit the files on the laptop even when you are using your phone and also drags and drops the facility between a mobile and a laptop. Because of the Huawei share option, you can perform your tasks and work easily.

HUAWEI share
HUAWEI share


The 41.7-Wh batteries keep you longer power-up. With a full charge, you will play 1080p videos for 11.6 hours. Also, give fast charging technology, with only 15 minutes of fast charging you can use the laptop for 2.3 hours.


Price is the most important factor, and HUAWEI is doing a good job by offering a reasonable price. You can buy just by clicking on the small laptop of HUAWEI Mate Book 13.


Huawei’s small laptop gives extra battery backup. Its lightweight and attractive body is the pulse point. Huawei Share, a hidden camera, and dual fan are a unique feature that differentiates from all other laptops.








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