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Tekken Mobile, the 3D fighting classic comes to Android


Tekken Mobile, the 3D fighting classic comes to Android

Tekken Mobile , the mobile platform version of this 3D fighting classic, is now available for Android . The mythical title arrives renewed for the new times; For many, the most nostalgic, it is a complete disappointment. The touch gameplay is not being well received by the generations that grew up with this success that dominated arcades in the 90s and that could not be missing in the repertoire of games for home consoles. Let’s see what it offers.

Tekken Mobile, the remake of a classic adapted to the new times.: Tekken Mobile, the 3D fighting classic comes to Android

For true fans of established titles like Tekken, their arrival on Android is usually accompanied by a jug of cold water. And it is that adapting a classic to the new times is always risky. The fans expect the same gameplay, the same settings, the same characters … When they discover that it is not, bad business.

Tekken mobile

Tekken Mobile comes to Android from the hand of Bandai Namco and 20 characters where we find the famous fighters Paul, Law, Panda, Nina. We could say that Tekken Mobile is based on its original version. Now you have to add gems, cards, power-ups, extra moves and in-app payments . Graphically it honors and is faithful to the original saga, but the gameplay and its 3D fighting essence are somewhat blurred. This time, we also find story mode, Dojo challenge and live events .

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Available as a free download on Android and iOS, Tekken Mobile already has a few million downloads as well as thousands of comments for and against. We have no choice but to advise you to try it. You can decide for yourself if it is worth it or not. Of course, to enjoy it, your smartphone must have minimum requirements: 2GB of RAM, Android 5.0 and a Samsung Exynos 8890 or Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor.

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