Difference between Social Media and Community Manager


Difference between Social Media and Community Manager

Who has more authority or experience?: Difference between Social Media and Community Manager

Let’s analyze these two posts, which people tend to confuse too much, I will present you in a comparative way what each one does so as not to fall into confusion:

What does a Social Media do?; Difference between Social Media and Community Manager

Social Media is responsible for landing the needs of a brand in digital, it is a consultant. His job is to develop strategies around specific issues and market niches.

If we could make an analogy, it would be like a contractor, since its purpose is to manage resources, tools and workers to develop projects. Social Media is more managerial than operational.

This professional is distinguished by extensive experience in the execution of digital strategies and campaigns, as well as a portfolio of influencers, databases, digital tools, contact with traditional media, with other agencies, platforms, etc.

What does a Community Manager do?

It fulfills the function of representing your brand in social networks, it is a professional trained in the implementation (not elaboration) of strategies so that your brand has a voice and presence on the internet.

It is mainly dedicated to managing communication channels, serving users, interacting with them as well as generating and planning content, presenting results reports and monitoring the competition.

Key qualities of all CMs are patience and experience to make good decisions. This helps you assess your community to report and use trends and changes in people’s moods and tastes to your advantage.

Both are important

The difference between social media and community manager is clear: A Social Media could not execute the strategy at such a detailed level as a CM is supposed to do (short for Community Manager).

None is better than the other and no matter how small your business, brand or company is, it is extremely important to have a Community Manager since it generates an impact on customers through service as well as content generation.

In this article I present some useful tools for community managers and in this other social media tools

Do I have to have both? Difference between Social media and Community Manager

It would be ideal, but there are already countless workers offering everything in one. This is good for small businesses or entrepreneurs.

I think that a team where both contribute is better and more capable. Neither is better than the other, both attack different aspects of social networks, what happens is that due to the generation of contacts and experience, Social Media is better paid.

The Community Manager works with many areas such as designers, project managers, project managers, etc. That is why many times we see Community Manager doing everything.

Hence the confusion arises, in projects that do not require a larger budget, a Community Manager can easily solve this operational part without the intervention of a third party.

The conclusion would be that depending on the size of your project it would be what you need, since one expands and complements the other with their experience.

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