If I use the Wi-Fi on Metro Line 7, is my data protected?


If I use the Wi-Fi on Metro Line 7, is my data protected?

The service provider, AT&T, has been asked to publicize the protocol.

The Internet service found on Line 7 of the Capital Collective Transport System ensures that user data is protected, however, it could be used for other purposes.

The president of the Legislative Assembly’s Commission for Transparency and Combating Corruption, Ernesto Sánchez Rodríguez, asked the Metro authorities to shield the personal data of Wi-Fi users on Line 7 , as he commented that when accessing this free service, passengers provide personal information.

Your name, e-mail and telephone number are the data that are requested to enjoy the service, however, they can be used for purposes other than the purpose of providing free internet on this transport network.

The local PAN deputy asked the service provider company, AT&T, to publicize the protocol, because according to information from the Metro, the terms and conditions warn that BKO Security is a company that has taken responsibility for safeguarding user data .

We are concerned that the terms of acceptance of users to the information network they have will be altered; the Metro and the company must guarantee the full protection of private information.

The Wi-Fi service on Line 7 serves at least 300 thousand people a day, that is, the companies have updated personal data and social networks of users, and could be used without the consent of the owners.

As users, it is necessary to know the construction of the Wi-Fi network in the Metro and the possible risks that free information represents.

Although the promotion of technological connectivity is recognized, the Legislative Assembly has provided the local government with sufficient tools to guarantee the defense of personal data in any entity or project in favor of the city.

So it is possible that your data can be used for other purposes while you enjoy free internet, as the Government of Mexico City has not made the situation clear.


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