PGR rules out hacking of information to Uber Mexico users


PGR rules out hacking of information to Uber Mexico users

The attorney general’s office is concerned that the information reaches the Deep Web and is trafficked by cyber criminals

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The Attorney General’s Office (PGR), in coordination with the private transport company UBER Mexico, works to ensure that no user of the service sees their personal information compromised, because in November 2016 the company had a leak from its base data worldwide.

That is why the PGR, through the AIC and its Cyber ​​Investigations and Technological Operations Unit (UICOT), works to prevent leaked information from reaching the Internet, particularly the black market in the Deep and Dark Web.

It indicates that it is intended that the plagiarized data does not put the integrity or patrimony of the users at risk, in addition to guaranteeing that the PGR carries out mitigation and correction actions that prevent a future attack.

Therefore, the PGR ensures that no data associated with banking information is at risk or has been violated, and that of the 57 million UBER users worldwide, 900 thousand possibly correspond to registered consumers in Mexico. PGR rules out hacking of information


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