In which countries is it useful to learn Arabic?


In which countries is it useful to learn Arabic?

Before learning Arabic , it is important to know some important facts about its linguistics.
Arabic is therefore the official language of 27 countries , as well as one of the 6 official languages ​​of the United Nations.
Small linguistic peculiarity: Arabic, both written and oral, incurs diglossia. That is, there is a distinction between literary Arabic, used in writing, and dialect Arabic, used orally.
Learning to speak Arabic therefore requires more work than any other foreign language.
Over the centuries, far beyond the countries of the Arab world, the Arabic language has spread geographically and sociologically across the planet.

Is it useful to learn Arabic outside the Arab world?: In which countries is it useful to learn Arabic?

Learn Arabic grammar,
To work on the oral comprehension and phonetics of Arabic,
Acquire Arabic vocabulary,
Know how to write in Arabic,
For cultural reasons,
Prepare a language stay in Egypt or Dubai, for example,
Learn tajwid to read the Holy Quran, etc.
Students are driven to learn Arabic for many reasons . All this knowledge could present apprentices with many more opportunities than you think, even outside the Arab world.

Why learn Arabic outside the Arab world?

Whether in Africa, Europe, Asia or North America, it is not strange to observe the Arab cultural heritage in the languages ​​of the planet.
In Spanish, Persian, Chinese Hui, Serbo-Croatian … The Arabic language, from the Middle Ages, has influenced the languages ​​of the whole world for three reasons:
The expansion of the Muslim religion: there are more than one billion Muslims in the world.
A famous and recognized Arabic literature throughout the world.
Economic powers in growth: oil (black gold), crafts, hydrocarbons, energy, some countries of the Arab world have a very important economic weight in international trade relations.
Sample of the heritage of the Arab world in the world: the Institute of the Arab world in Paris.
It is not uncommon to see many Spaniards going to work in the United Arab Emirates or the Maghreb countries, in search of a different kind of life and culture.
In the coming years, to enhance our professional careers, it will be necessary to master English, Chinese and Arabic!

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