Linguistic details about the Arab-Muslim world


Linguistic details about the Arab-Muslim world

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Why is Arabic the most beautiful language in the world?
Why is Arabic written from right to left?
Why is Arabic important to Islamic civilization?
Why did Allah choose the Arabic language?
An OpinionWay survey carried out in October 2015 revealed that for 97% of parents questioned , mastering a foreign language is an advantage in professional life, as well as luck.
Learning the Arabic language, the culture of Arab countries, the alphabet and its grammatical construction, the richness of Islamic civilization or learning the literary and dialect Arabic are a great advantage among the speakers of other living languages.
Of course!
With more than 350 million native or second-language Arabic speakers throughout the Arab world, knowing how to speak and write in Arabic is now as useful as English or Spanish.
However, there are many prejudices around this language and we are often unaware of the ins and outs of this language that exalts passions and magnifies feelings, evoking attraction, adoration and fascination or rejection, allergy and visceral revulsion.
Deeply marked by the Muslim religion, the Arabic language can indeed provoke attraction or rejection.
However, there are a lot of things that are unknown to the vast majority.
Superprof has been interested in four determining questions that often arise about the Arabic language.

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