Learn some basic phrases in German


Learn some basic phrases in German

German speakers will appreciate that we speak to them in their language, even with a Spanish accent. What is the basic vocabulary of German ?

Get started in German: Learn some basic phrases in German

Today it is easy to find a German vocabulary lexicon on the internet.
Thanks to a thousand and one recipes to learn the German language for beginners, we should be able to speak Goethe’s language in the supermarket, have fun translating the name of the fruit and vegetable!
Conversation guides for learning German online allow you to read, repeat and learn words from everyday life, such as:
Thank you very much: danke schön,
Why? : Warum ?,
I come from + city: ich komme aus + city,
It was very good / good: das war sehr gut !,
I don’t speak German: ich spreche kein Deutsch,
I would like / would like: ich möchte gern + conjugated verb,

May I ask you a question: kann ich sie etwas fragen?: Learn some basic phrases in German

As we go in stages, these phrases are more interesting than repeating the letters of the German alphabet or the pronunciation of the vocabulary endlessly.
In addition, knowing a basic vocabulary allows you to get in touch with native Germans.

Improve written and oral expression: Learn some basic phrases in German

Apparently, only 20% of the German vocabulary would allow us to understand 80% of what we read or hear.

Interesting, right?: Learn some basic phrases in German

An effective method for beginners is to hang index cards on the wall by topic of Spanish expressions associated with their German translation.
For example, use a different color code by means of notes pasted in all the rooms of the house: blue for the masculine German words, pink for the feminine ones and white paper for the neutral ones.
Write the words in the plural in red and in the singular in green.
So that?
It is very simple, this allows you to enrich your German vocabulary in familiar places: each object, each utensil in the house will have its inscription.
Frequent repetition will make you progress quickly, then you can move on to reading texts, the press or listening to the radio, podcasts and television in Goethe’s language.

Techniques to progress: Learn some basic phrases in German

In order to progress in German, it is often necessary to go to classes: learn German online , German course in summer, afternoon classes or intensive German classes.
Those who can will also be able to go to work in Germany or discover a German city during a trip.
However, even without moving to German, you can improve your German with some techniques .
Use the German media
Reading the German press on a regular basis can be a great way to improve your written comprehension.

What is it for?

To develop your German vocabulary thanks to the newspapers of the country of Kafka,
Understand German society,
Stimulate your cognitive abilities: being able to switch from one linguistic system to the other accelerates the formation of brain connections.
Watch TV in German to improve your level of the language.
For your information, the two most popular supra-regional newspapers in Germany are the Süddeutsche Zeitung and the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. Der Spiegel is also a safe bet.
TV fans can take advantage of their free time to watch German broadcasts. The streaming is a great way to learn German from your couch.
Nor should we forget to learn German that the Franco-German chain Arte is the general culture chain par excellence.
It is available between pay-TV channels on cable TV and on the internet all over the world. Anyone learning French or German can enter the website and download the broadcasts up to seven days after they are broadcast, thanks to the digital channel Arte 7+.
Thanks to podcasts, active listening to German radio broadcasts can also be of great help.  Deutsche Learnen  and Deutsche Welle are reference chains.

Immerse yourself in German culture

In this case, we have already acquired a certain linguistic level.
Language and culture are inseparable! Indeed, when we want to develop our fluency in another language , it is also necessary to learn the customs, customs, norms and values ​​of the country.
Those who cannot go to study in Germany or visit the country, can also discover the culture of a native German in Spain.
Addressing the Goethe Institut. The Spanish-German centers, present in most Spanish cities, are very active in promoting Germany in Spain.
Getting in touch will allow you to meet native Germans , practice the language and discover German history, culture and traditions.
Another strategy that we rarely think about: put all your multimedia devices in German!
Switching from Spanish to German on your computer or on your mobile and reading the web pages in German greatly helps language immersion.

Use the internet to improve your German

The Internet can become a great ally in your German training.
For example, doing free German exercises thanks to pages to learn German , or watching numerous videos on YouTube, are a great help to progress.


How to use the internet to progress in the German language?

Strings like Extra or “Deutsch für Euch” can be perfect for getting familiar with the language.
Used well, the Internet is a gold mine and is often a good complement to private German lessons.
Use the best bilingual dictionaries
When we are learning a foreign language, we often have to translate a word , an expression or an entire text.
Using a bilingual German dictionary for translation can be essential.
Reverso’s ancestor: the translator’s grandfather, the English-Spanish dictionary, which is still a valuable tool.

The essential Spanish dictionaries

The RAE and the Marina Moliner are the two best-known Spanish-language dictionaries. Some of the dictionaries that propose a good bilingual Spanish / German edition are Le Larousee, Collins and Langenscheidt.
They exist in different formats: pocket, intermediate or large format, perfect to have it at home.
In addition to a good German translation , they also propose different linguistic tools related to grammar, conjugation or practical guides for having a conversation in German.

German translators on the Internet

On the Internet, everyone has access to numerous online translators . Ideal to learn German for free, it is, in parentheses, a tool that can save us in multiple situations, when we travel or get stuck with a term.
Yes Google Translate is the best known, although Reverso has also specialized in translation and even proposes programs for companies.
We can also listen to the word that we have just translated thanks to a vocal function available for this purpose.
Pons and Langescheidt are publishers of German origin that give free, registration-free access to a translator to learn German online.
In general, we have access to expressions derived from the word in question.
The methods are multiple and varied to learn to speak German. however, regular practice is essential for good learning.
We must not start the house from the roof, as they say: learning progressively, according to the level and crossing the thresholds step by step is the key to being successful without getting discouraged.

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