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Learn to adapt the tessitura


Learn to adapt the tessitura

Whether you are a singer, a showgirl or a lover of good music and vocal technique, working on your voice type is essential to being successful and singing well.
When we define our voice type, we may be tempted to determine it ourselves, but the tools at our disposal can help us do so, thanks to tessitura . The tessitura represents the range of notes that a singer can sing, but also the amplitude of sounds .
That is, a song that you can sing from beginning to end will define your tessitura. If this is not the case, you will have to adapt, or vice versa. Yes, the musical world is like that. So, ready to get into La Voz !
The tessitura, a crucial question of the voice, is, therefore, to the singer what the earth is to a flower, that is to say, the essential basis for development . Although we have listed the different categories above (high, low, countertenor, etc.), it is essential to know them to define your type of voice .
The latter is directly related, and for that, an  online tool has been developed : the vocalizer . With the help of a computer, a mobile phone or a tablet and the microphone, you will be able to pronounce the lowest sounds you can sing, and then move on to the highest sounds .
From a concrete perspective, you will be able to know what your tessitura is and, as a result, your type of voice. If you can not, or do not trust technology, do not hesitate to turn to a teacher. He will be happy to analyze your vocal organ and explain what type of voice you have. Many teachers do it through a test session before starting singing classes.
Sing and finally know what type of voice you have within the vocal scale. You can turn to the Superprof teachers for this test class. One hour is enough to define your type of voice and explore its capabilities. Do not hesitate!
Our type of voice is the one that will follow us (and serve us) potentially our entire lives. Especially if it is going to be the instrument with which we are going to develop our professional career. Learn to adapt the tessitura

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