Make INFOGRAPHS creative and interactive easily


Make INFOGRAPHS creative and interactive easily

It is incredible how they can be applied to so many things: CV’s, cards, certificates, brochures, maps, web, reports, etc …

If you still don’t replace those long texts that nobody reads, I am going to present you a solution to create powerful infographics in minutes, but before we go over the following:

What is an infographic?: Make INFOGRAPHS creative and interactive easily

They are visual representations of data, news, stories, information or knowledge presented through a quick and easy to understand flow.

Interactive infographics: Make INFOGRAPHS creative and interactive easily

Why are they better than plain text?

The human being is visual, 90% of the information that our brain absorbs is through images, since we are born we learn this way, that is why more than 70% of the population processes symbols better than concepts and that is why our brain is set up to understand a visual sequence.

Evolution dictates that our brain will better detect everything that requires a lower caloric expenditure for its understanding.

Templates for infographics: Make INFOGRAPHS creative and interactive easily

Now yes, the promise is called Venngage : I tried many tools but I stuck with this one. It is an online application that allows us to create them very easily with hundreds of editable templates.


It has pre-established templates and designs designed for as many themes as possible, but also has a creative canvas with thousands of easy-to-manipulate graphic elements to do your own work.

This can add a lot of value to your content strategies and save you a lot of time. It works very similar to other design pages that I have here in the blog as in the article powerful tools for Community Manager or in making your own logo from scratch.

It has a Free version but the Premium is the real delight. #TIP Start selling weekly or monthly infographic packages, so you could generate extra income with your subscription.

How to make a good infographic?

Let us understand these as the image translation of a text . Although the subject has more to do with Spanish classes than with marketing, I give you some #Tips :

  • You must have a well-written text synthesized in key points (title, subtitles, lists)
  • First define what kind of infographic you need: Comparison, by steps, by sections, by cycle, by classification, in list, etc.
  • Define the design and conceptual style of your infographic (clouds, solid colors, landscape, etc.)
  • Try to use as little text as possible and try to use photos and illustrations to complement

It’s like making a comic strip, check if each step makes sense or fits again, remember that there are no formulas, this simply consists of being clear, direct and simple, so you can’t go wrong.


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