Shadow boxing: a remedy for being overweight?


Shadow boxing: a remedy for being overweight?

If you fear KO and all the punches you can take in boxing, opt for a softer variant , such as  shadow boxing , a type of boxing that will involve facing an imaginary opponent.
Imagine your fight in the best way, as if you were in the final of the Olympic Games to become the Olympic professional boxing champion.
You will enjoy while burning calories, thus putting an end to obesity .
The overweight , which is to have a BMI above 25, you can combat sport. Get to your ideal weight thanks to  shadow boxing !
Discover your safety and beauty while landing good technical shots!
English Boxing Training: The Classic Session
The boots and elements that we have mentioned will help you if you want to go even further , for example, start racing.
English boxing or “noble art”, the most popular of all types of boxing, is the modality that is usually chosen by the majority. In it, you only hit with your fists , according to specific rules.
The footwork will be a real reflection in a real fight, hence you have to train hard in boxing.
In a typical English boxing training session , you can find seven stages, beginning with a warm-up and ending with stretching.
Between those stages, you will have done the speed test,  shadow boxing , hit a punching bag, strengthen your muscles and face a friend simulating a real fight or in sparring mode  .
Never forget that repetition and perseverance are the best allies for real and lasting progress in the world of sport.

Thai Boxing Training: The Classic Session: Shadow boxing: a remedy for being overweight?

In numerous books and movies, the boxing we see and read is English, while it occupies a more privileged place on public television networks. The same is not the case with French savate boxing  .
Not counting the competition. In fact, among the younger generations, a new boxing is emerging in the West: Thai boxing .
Boxing | Competing wrestlers leave the test class behind from the first match.
Thai boxing offers the benefits of the exoticism that its name brings. It resembles a martial art , so it brings a more or less philosophical aspect. The level of combat technique is not to displease the followers of combat sports: foot strikes, punches, knees and other types are allowed.
In order not to get hurt in the first fight, one must do it seriously.
The Thai boxing training consists of a quality warm-up, a speed test of blows, a review of the blows (sequences and combos), bodybuilding, getting in shape ( sparring ,  shadow or real boxing according to the days and the possibilities) , stretching and visualization of combat to improve knowledge.
If you live in the Valencian Community, take a look at our Valencia boxing courses .
Cardio boxing: boxers, high-level athletes
The boxing is not for wimps. Before being a hobby to let off steam or a way of playing with friends, we will have to understand how you can fight, as it is a complex sport.
To begin with, you will have to be in excellent physical condition to enter the boxing ring. Young people who only focus on bodybuilding should know that bodybuilding alone is not enough.
The muscles and the heart have to work, they are resistance efforts. Cardio boxing !
In this sense, cardio requires the exercise bike, rowing, jogging and treadmill, while boxing alone is enough for a good dose of cardio.
C it burned boxing  offers many benefits and looks like the box fitness . In fact, it’s about putting the emphasis on fitness and well-being, through group work and music. The concept “combat” disappears in this mode.
From a historical perspective, cardio boxing appeared shortly after the 1990s in America. It was about hitting in a circle in the air (or a bag), in a synchronized way, applying techniques typical of pied-poing boxing (boxing feet-fists). The choice of music is essential and the coach must be a true conductor to guide his students to avoid boredom.
Remember to maintain a healthy diet and sleep well (go to bed early if you want to improve your fitness). Before long, you’ll be ready to enter the world of Mayweather, Mohamed Ali, Tyson Fury, and more …

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