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Why do boxing training to lose weight?


Why do boxing training to lose weight?

The motto “Eat, but move” is on our minds. Many publications refer to it, such as Losing weight without dieting: 19 tips to do sports without pain and without realizing it to lose weight by Philippe Brioud (2017).
The jogging  alone is boring , so too is bodybuilding … What do you get when you get past the age of team sports you did every Saturday (football, basketball, rugby …)? The boxing!
The truth is that it is rare that fall into it, but the  boxing is a sport fun activity that offers many advantages. Boxing helps you lose weight and lose your belly very quickly , but it also allows you to have more confidence in yourself and know how to defend yourself in case you need it.
In addition, there are many types of boxing: Thai boxing, French savate boxing, Chinese boxing, kick boxing , Burmese boxing, noble art, American boxing … Now the ball is on your roof (or the mouth guard …).
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