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TestM, pass the ITV to your smartphone


TestM, pass the ITV to your smartphone

TestM is a very useful application. Especially when buying a second-hand mobile, but also to check the general condition of your device. In a simple way, this free application for Android and iOS checks the main components: screen, speakers, camera … It is something like for ITV just by pressing a button. Let’s see what it offers! Keep reading, Gizlógicos.

TestM, know the status of your smartphone at once.: TestM, pass the ITV to your smartphone

TestM is a simple and very useful application available for both Android and iOS devices for free . Just install it normally through Google Play or Apple Store.

Once installed, TestM offers us the possibility to check the status of our smartphone with just a few clicks . It is, therefore, a complete and powerful diagnostic tool . Something like an ITV for our smartphone. In addition, we can choose between a quick or complete test mode . It is ideal in the case that we want to buy a second-hand device and we need to check that everything works well.

Quick Test mode: screen, speakers and microphone.

In Quick Test mode, TestM checks the status of the display, speakers, and microphone . We will have to slide our finger across the screen, enter some distant numbers through the earpiece and let it check the microphone with a beep. With this little test, we will also know how other components such as the camera, sensors, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, coverage , etc. are doing. TestM checks more parameters in full test mode: battery, physical buttons, cameras, vibration. ..

TestM app

Additionally, it offers information about our phone (such as brand, model, OS version, storage, screen size and characteristics, CPU, RAM, IMEI …). We can also do an Internet speed test and have relevant information about the battery ( temperature, voltage, capacity …).

We leave you a video below in case you still have doubts about its operation as well as the direct accesses to the stores to install it. Or are you afraid that your brand new smartphone will not pass the ITV?

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