The 4 best YouTube channels to learn to box


The 4 best YouTube channels to learn to box

You can watch boxing videos anywhere and anytime!: The 4 best YouTube channels to learn to box

Between your English, Thai or French boxing classes, it is important to train to  improve your agility and power . If you are a beginner, you will learn a lot from videos in addition to what your coach explains to you. If you are more advanced, it is an opportunity to perfect your technique.
There are many  boxing channels on YouTube . Many are interesting, but not all are the same. These are the three best channels where you will find videos to improve your boxing practice and your physical condition:
Malaga trains . In this channel, you can watch videos every week with exercise routines to do at home, training tips, fitness diet and food. You can get started in the world of boxing thanks to his videos on this discipline.
The Ictiva channel is like an online gym for fitness, boxing, yoga, Pilates, hypopressives and many more disciplines to do exercises at home. It contains an infinite number of exercises so that you can carry out your daily training in an orderly way with its virtual gym. In this YouTube channel, there are videos of complete sessions and others that are “demo” of what you can find on their website or their app.
Eduardo Catalin. In his channel, you will find videos of physical training, routines, technical trainings, motivational videos to raise your spirits or motivational music.
Uncomo is a website and YouTube channel founded in 2012 by a group of professionals with extensive experience in creating content on the Internet. You can get started in boxing thanks to videos like Dodge blows, Basic boxing blows, The guard or Warm up for boxing.
No matter your level of boxing, beginner or advanced, you will surely find something to improve thanks to the videos on these four YouTube channels.

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