The best guitars of the PRS brand


The best guitars of the PRS brand

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The PRS SE Custom 22: the great classic of the American brand
The PRS CE 24, the flight of the black bird
The PRS SE Custom 24 Limited Edition, to start with the electric guitar
The PRS Core SANTANA Retro, a tribute to the guitar hero
The PRS SE Hollowbody II Piezo PB and its high precision mechanics
The PRS SE Mira, an electric guitar to learn rock
«I think of music as a menu; I can’t eat the same thing every day. – Carlos Santana
The PRS company was founded in Maryland (United States) in 1985 under the leadership of its founder, Paul Reed Smith.
The brand has established itself in a few years as the intermediate guitar manufacturer between the two titans of the American market, Gibson and Fender.
PRS made a discreet entry into the world of electric guitar, although it quickly managed to forge a musical identity.
Carlos Santana fell in love with these unique guitars and since then he has only played with models of the brand, becoming their ambassador worldwide.
Next, we leave you a selection of the best PRS guitars. The best guitars of the PRS brand

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