The ESP LTD EC-256FM, folk touches for a rock n roll sound


The ESP LTD EC-256FM, folk touches for a rock n roll sound

I too became a musician by taking private lessons!: The ESP LTD EC-256FM, folk touches for a rock n roll sound

ESP radically changes style with this electro-acoustic guitar.
This guitar, although very electric, would also have a hole in a lost ranch in Texas.
Its body is mahogany with a flamed maple top.
The Cobalt Blue finish gives it a worn vintage touch, very pleasing to the eye.
The neck is also mahogany and is U-shaped for comfort when playing.
It is a very versatile guitar, allowing you to play almost any musical style, from blues to hard-rock, country or Latin music.
The equipped pickups (ESP LH-150N in the neck and ESP LH-150B in the bridge) are once again 100% ESP Design for bright and light harmonics.
The highs are lively, almost spicy thanks to its toasted jatoba fingerboard, another mark of the Japanese manufacturer.
This ergonomic and lightweight guitar offers unmatched playability.
It will adapt perfectly to your guitar lessons.
It is available for both right-handed and left-handed users.
This is what a guitar worthy of the Rolling Stones has to offer you for less than € 500 !
Don’t hesitate, take private music lessons and play the guitar !
As a summary, below, we leave you the best guitar models of the ESP brand, depending on whether you have a reduced budget or can treat yourself:
The ESP LTD EC-1000
The ESP Snakebyte James Hetfield Signature
The ESP LTD KH-602 Kirk Hammet Signature
The ESP LTD F-10
As we can see, choosing a guitar is not an easy task, especially when choosing your first guitar.
The following table will help you see more clearly what ESP brand guitars offer when buying a guitar that suits what you are looking for:

Guitar model Price Advantage Drawbacks

ESP LTD EC-1000 € 899 High-end model. Quality materials. High price. Little versatility.
ESP Snakebyte James Hetfield Signature € 4,199 Limited edition. Very high-end model. Lifetime duration. Price too high. Reserved for metal guitarists.
ESP LTD KH-602 Kirk Hammet Signature Between € 1,100 and € 1,500 Good value for money. Manageability High price
ESP E-II MI Approximately € 2,299 High-end materials. Unique sounds. It offers a great game. High price. Minimalist design.
ESP LTD EC-10 € 195 Polyvalent. Manageable. Light Perfect for beginners. Reduced price. Light sounds.
ESP LTD F-10 € 289 Light Manageable. Polyvalent. Includes carrying case. Reduced price. Minimalist.
ESP LTD EC-256FM 450 € Moderate price. Polyvalent. Ergonomic. There is a good quality price relation. None!

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