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The ESP LTD F-10 to start playing guitar


The ESP LTD F-10 to start playing guitar

This atypical and aggressive guitar is ideal for learning to play guitar like a rocker.
ESP guitars are great for the stage!
Its basswood body is as light as its price: approximately € 250 .
The F-shaped silhouette is built with a double cutaway that allows easy access to the upper frets.
The smooth maple neck and firm wood fingerboard provide a balanced and generous sound that will allow you to raise the highs effortlessly.
The two built-in pickups are Made in ESP and will allow you to obtain clear and bright tones.
This F-10 guitar includes a padded carrying case so you can go to your music lessons or rehearsals without risking damaging the instrument.
Its reduced price will allow you to equip yourself perfectly for your first guitar lessons.

What will you need?: The ESP LTD F-10 to start playing guitar

One or more pedals for the different style effects.
A guitar strap.
A pick.
A tuner.
A guitar amp and its jack cable.
A kit for tuning your guitar.
Replacement guitar strings.
Keep in mind that there are also the famous guitar packs that include these accessories at great prices.
Feel free to go to a music store.

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