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The evolution of the Chinese population


The evolution of the Chinese population

The Chinese population has been, for several centuries, the densest on the planet. In fact, this country developed robust agriculture very early, leading to unprecedented population increases in rural areas. Add to that the  major agglomerations and you have a huge natural network across the country.
Today, there are more than  1.4 billion Chinese,  which places China in the number 1 position of the most populous countries in the world, a position that India could nonetheless surpass in the coming decades.

The inhabitants abound in the most famous Chinese provinces such as: The evolution of the Chinese population

Since 1960, there has been a  107% increase  in the Chinese population , particularly due to the development of new medicines: in addition to having a high birth rate, China has increasingly older people among its population.
Due to the one -child policy  that was applied for years in China, children born without papers find themselves in an undesirable situation, as they cannot study or travel without an identity card with their names.
Fortunately, China has recently changed its internal policy, leaving families with the option of having more than one child per household. However, this change in Chinese government policy will have a strong impact on the Chinese population density, although this parameter does not prevent China from remaining one of the most powerful economies in the world.
In the Chinese territory, you will rarely find deserted places and you can increase your Chinese culture by talking to the many natives; in a Chinese market, for example.

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