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The importance of school support in primary


The importance of school support in primary

In mathematics

Hated by many students, they sometimes neglect Mathematics because they have no interest in the subject. However, this material is particularly useful in everyday life. In addition to  the daily use that we give to mathematics, they  are very important up to 4th grade of ESO.
If the child begins school life without acquiring the basics correctly, he runs the risk of possible academic failure later. For these reasons, school support in primary school can be very useful .
It is during this crucial period when you have to learn such basic and important notions as:
Learn to count,
The sum,
The substraction,
Divisions, etc.

When we see this, we understand our poor students …: The importance of school support in primary

Whether it’s reviewing the basics learned in previous years or learning new concepts, math is difficult for some children to grasp. To overcome these difficulties, many parents turn to tutoring classes .
As  a private mathematics teacher,  you must make sure that the student understands the wording of the exercises proposed in class and that he reasons until the final result is achieved.
With seriousness and pedagogy, you can  fill your student’s gaps by proposing fun and playful exercises! The goal is not to bore the student with math  – show him that math can be fun!
In language
If you teach language classes to elementary school children, be sure to brush up on the basic notions of our language:
Writing, etc.
Primary school students have difficulty writing different words with the correct spelling , not only new or difficult to understand words, strange to them, but also common words, which they read and write almost daily.
Many of them may also have problems when reading (and understanding a text) or writing and expressing themselves correctly in Spanish.
It is essential to know how to express yourself correctly in Spanish.
To solve these problems, parents resort to private classes at home.
During  tutoring classes ,  you can more accurately track your student’s progress while doing your best to motivate him.
Make writing more fun:  start, for example, with  drawing exercises.  Ask him to write a story about his drawing so he can practice writing. As classes go by, suggest more complicated exercises to meet the demands of the school program.
Prepare to enter the institute
Some primary school students go to high school with quite serious gaps , something disturbing to say the least, especially since high school is a crucial stage in a student’s life.
Therefore, it is better to deepen your knowledge before moving on to greater; It is advisable that in 6th grade you take  an exam to evaluate their knowledge and, in case of failing it, carry out  a complete review to bring it up to date.
If your student’s grades are regular, don’t worry: in a year, you can change things! One of the most effective methods is to take an intensive course during the school holidays,  which allows you to review old concepts as well as to advance in the program and learn new things in 1st year of ESO.

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