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The mythical boxing matches


The mythical boxing matches

A good hook or a good kick is enough to knock out the opponent.: The mythical boxing matches

When talking about English boxing, we always talk about a confrontation against an opponent: be it with an uppercut , a kick or a knockout , the objective is none other than to be the winner. This desire to fight with anger is what makes boxing matches more exciting, but not only that:
The long-awaited matches between a world boxing champion and his opponent.
Organized bouts between federations, with their respective world boxing champions, are also very popular.

The unique bouts, which gave birth to celebrities.: The mythical boxing matches

Among all the boxing matches in the world (and there are several every year), some deserve more attention than others. Some even become legendary , due to an unexpected result, an incomparable intensity of combat, or even an original duo of boxers.
The best known boxing matches are those that have faced great legends of the ring, such as:
Mohammed Ali and Joe Frazier , where the opponent dethroned the undisputed world champion (Ali), in 1974.

Mohammed Ali and Richard Dunn, was Ali’s last KO win, in 1976.

Ray “Sugar” Leonard in his match against Roberto Duran , which allowed Sugar to regain his welterweight belt, in 1980.
Ray “Sugar” Leonard vs. Marvin “Maravelous” Hagler , who was dethroned by Sugar, despite his return to the boxing ring in 1987.
Marcel Cerdan against Jake La Motta , who knocked out the French champion, in 1949.
Mike Tyson versus Evander Holyfield , a fight that has become famous for being a true melee, where Tyson bit (and tore) his opponent’s right ear in 1997.
Fight between Arturo Gatti and Micky Ward, a trilogy considered the “best fight of the year”, in 2002.
Mayweather versus De La Hoya, where power and technique clashed with tactics, in 2007.
Mayweather vs. McGregor , the boxing player’s last fight against mixed martial arts (MMA) and full contact champion Conor McGregor in 2017.
In women’s boxing, we will also remember the fight where boxer Laila Ali , the daughter of the legendary Mohammed, won in the first round against Avril Fowler. Duration of the match: 31 seconds …
Speaking of champions, do you know any of the biggest names in boxing?

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