The platforms on which to offer boxing classes


The platforms on which to offer boxing classes

Opt for a multichannel method to reach the maximum number of people!: The platforms on which to offer boxing classes

To make yourself known, do not hesitate to join the online platforms. The Internet is an indispensable channel when it comes to finding students quickly and allowing them to improve their skills in the ring .
You can take a walk through classified ad platforms like Thousand Ads . Although it is not a website in which sport occupies a very prominent place, it can become an opportunity to present yourself. In addition, it is one of the most visited websites in Spain when searching, which guarantees good visibility as a professional boxing coach.
Service exchange platforms are also booming. Its only drawback is that you will not receive money, but the service provided is charged by recovering it with another service. However, the Trueque or Vivus platform, for example, allow you to exchange services and even charge in some cases.
You also have the possibility of resorting to the Superprof platform  , in which you will not pay anything and the payment for your performance as a boxing teacher is made directly with the student. You can apply the rate you want and offer a test session. Your students can leave comments and recommendations for you to rise in the search results.
Finally, you can register on the platform specialized in sport: FinalRound. Here, registration is free and without obligation. Give it a try!
Do not forget to write your ad correctly indicating the type of boxing you teach (Muay Thai, women’s boxing, educational boxing, personal defense …), your level, your experience (Spanish champion, room coach for x years …), your target audience (children, beginners, adults, intermediate, advanced …), your methodology, your location and the hourly rate.

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