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How to become known as a boxing coach?


How to become known as a boxing coach?

It’s not enough to get in the ring to find your future students!: How to become known as a boxing coach?

When you want to give private boxing lessons , the first thing you have to do is make yourself known by all possible means to find students. Because a teacher without a student is like a pianist without an instrument: you won’t get very far and it won’t do you any good.
To give your first lesson, go to your closest network : family, friends, colleagues … Perhaps one of your loved ones is interested in learning to box in a ring. And if not, maybe you know someone whose dream is that. The word of mouth is the first channel you need to ask yourself to make yourself known and implement training your skills quickly. Also ask your neighbors if they would not be interested.
Feel free to share your personal boxing trainer ad on social media . You can join specialized boxing groups and create a Facebook page to develop your activity. In groups, announce yourself (although there are times when it is forbidden), and give real advice, become a leader to pass yourself off as an expert in your field.
If you already have one or two students, ask them to leave a review on your Facebook page and talk about you around them to increase your circle of contacts and find new students to teach English, Thai, Savate or American boxing techniques. even.
Visit the different shops in your neighborhood and place an ad offering your students the chance to put on boxing gloves and join your classes to learn the basics of the sport. Feel free to post notices on the bulletin board of your sports center (keep in mind that it is not a gym where they offer boxing classes to avoid unfair competition). And, of course, always ask permission.

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