Tricks for practicing boxing at home


Tricks for practicing boxing at home

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Is it really possible to start boxing at home?
Are boxing instructional books useful?
The wealth of e-learning for the beginning boxer
Use a teacher at home
Virtual boxing classes to exercise
Boxers forums
Necessary material to practice boxing at home
Techniques and exercises for beginner boxers
“Boxing has always been the opera of the poor and the hooligans”, quote from the book The Second Disappearance of Majorana  by Jordi Bonells
You don’t have to have a thug soul or be poor for you to like boxing and want to learn to practice it.
It is a relatively little practiced discipline (and practiced mainly by men), boxing is paradoxically one of the most popular and well-known sports in the world,  since it frees itself from all political and cultural borders.
The principle is very simple: two opponents in a ring, with gloves, a boxing helmet, a dental protector, boxing boots and shin guards, whose objective is to knock out their opponent following rules that  are sometimes little known to the public in general  (quality of the opponent on the ground, bodies close together, etc.).
Do you want to dedicate yourself to boxing professionally and win tournaments and money or just fight to let off steam and know how to defend yourself  on the street? There are many options for boxing.
Unfortunately, many like this sport and few are those who cross the line. Are you among the fainthearted or can we put you on the side of the dare?
We hope that  nothing stops you from realizing your passion. You can join a gym that has boxing classes, but if there are none in your city or you just prefer to learn on your own, you can also learn at home.
We are going to explore the opportunities that are available to  learn to box from home . You will see, it is much easier and more common than it seems!

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