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Value content: 6 tips to improve it


Value content: 6 tips to improve it

Avoid falling into content saturation and continue to grow on social networks

Something extremely important for those of us who are dedicated to promoting products or services online. All to some extent, we must implement it in our strategies how to make content of value.

How to make content of value: Value content: 6 tips to improve it

I want to share with you 6 tips to avoid falling into content saturation, improve it and continue to grow in social networks, in this way your audience will be closer to you, more suitable for consumption and in general gives you a good reputation in networks.

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Attract new users: Value content: 6 tips to improve it       

Sooner or later you will exhaust your own niche and no matter how much content you do, there will not be the same growth. Perhaps so far you have carved out a certain presence, but you will begin to notice that your reach decreases because the more you advance, the more you compete with better positioned brands.

You need to break into other niches near yours, “don’t push the sea, surf it.” For example, if you sell honey, it attracts a new market  “medical treatment of wounds with honey” , you are entering new niches but without losing your market, after all the objective is to sell honey and if a naturist buys it to heal wounds, then welcome , or not?

Don’t get caught up in the same: Value content: 6 tips to improve it

You must try new things, as the audience changes very quickly. It has happened to almost all content creators that when something works for them they do it so much that it ends up creating repulsion, it may be difficult for you to accept it but in the long term it is better not to abuse the content even if it is of value.

Maybe it still works for you because every time you squeeze it more by resorting to practices such as clicbait, morbid or curiosity.  But if you use it excessively, it takes a toll (see the case of Badabun that its content begins to create repulsion ). Therefore, you may feel that everything is going well but you are depleting a finite resource.

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Do not introduce changes at once

I am referring to radical changes in your work structure, dynamics, pillars or schedules with your followers. Any change you need to make is best done gradually because people resent it and find it heavy. In the same way, take care of your formats and types of content as we saw in the previous point.

Do not abuse the surprise factor or expectation, in the long term people will no longer be impressed or hooked.

Interact more

In the Will Smith or Kardashian networks, if you could saturate with content, you would not end the organic REACH or publishing every 5 minutes 24 hours.

They are accounts that absorb attention to networks of all media, they have more interaction than is humanly possible to follow. But not your brand or your business, if you need to interact a lot.

It is proven that generating interaction and comments on social networks GENERA ENGAGEMENT, makes it appear to more people, within the most important changes this year on Facebook was that conversations (responses in comments) will play an important role so that the publications are show.

The proof is that downloading the database from a common fanpage we now see a counter of responses to comments, something that a few months ago did not appear.

Facebook does not care so much that you make a lot of content, it cares that you generate conversation, that you interact. If you don’t have time or enough hands to <socialize> with people, close your SOCIAL NETWORKS. Or what will you do? Keep holding on to what “worked before”?

Content creators complain about the organic reach  but they have not bothered to adapt to what people are looking for, even if you do not want to admit it , algorithms no longer exist , now they are neural networks that continuously learn and favor those who interact and connect to the persons.

If you don’t measure, you don’t improve

It is not about seeing statistics on your Facebook page, you must have clear objectives, SMART goals.

This last point is the most important, I would like to explain it in more detail, but that gives for another article, please let me know in the comments and on my social networks if you would be interested in reading about it. I hope you find my opinions useful and something you get from it, I heartily wish to infect you with entrepreneurship, good ideas and a reckless vision of marketing.

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