How to get clients through the internet


How to get clients through the internet

You can start from home with discipline and based on a lot of trial and error, here I share my experience

Surely when undertaking or starting to work in your own business the first concern is how to get clients, the question is beautiful and I would like you to help me with your comments.

How to get clients on the internet?: How to get clients through the internet

Basically what happened for several years is that I dedicated myself to positioning pages and communities in social networks, very local and specific, what is known today as “micro-niches” are the ones that, in my experience, position themselves the fastest.

I’ll tell you an example: I started communities such as “Society of entrepreneurs from (my city) and surroundings” using keywords, too long after they positioned themselves enough to monetize or sell them.

As these networks or niches grew, I began to meet business owners saying:  -Hey dude, I see that you have a fairly large community in “x” topic, do you think you could help me with my project? –

This is how I found myself working with various agencies and even with local governments. We could delve into that at another time, in this column I do not intend to tell you about myself, I want this first opinion blog to provide you with something of value so let’s go back to it.

I share this article where I teach you how to design a logo for your first projects if you don’t have a designer.

Traditional marketing: How to get clients through the internet

Personalities such as Bryan Tracy or Jordan Bellfort (The Wolf of Wall Street), great salesmen, whose books I recommend reading, come to mind , I think of the following expression:

“They are such good sellers that they could sell stones to people”

I am against this popular expression because it goes against what they wanted to convey because the good salesperson makes you earn a lot of money and does not intend to take money from you.

It reminds me of when as a child telephone company workers would knock on the door to sell you a phone book, you had to buy it so that your service wouldn’t “fail,” so everyone assumed they should buy it. I do not know about you but I never met during all my childhood anyone who served that mess (it was something like the Google Plus of our childhood).

But as incredible as it may seem, we continue trying to sell like this, generating consumer wear and tear on the purchase, trying to sell on social networks at a time when the user is not looking for anything, they try to “create a need” and that is horrible because it is rather a bombardment of announcements.

Consequences: How to get clients through the internet

What do you think will happen if that user consumes due to “cornering”, it will be very likely that he will be disappointed by so much expectation, it is very likely that he will not be satisfied since he consumed for “implanted need”, for him it will be something like “I needed to pay for it sad) ” when it should have been “ I found what I needed (happy face) ”.

And this person will be reluctant to buy something again and it will be increasingly difficult to sell to him. But digital marketers will keep bombarding you with more ads until you back down and trust me it will require more and more content and ads to convince you again.

The best marketing: The attraction

SEO or any organic strategy is to let the user find you and seek to satisfy him, it is much better than the bombardment marketing “Facebook Ads” where people find you by force, where they will not buy you because it hurts to spend money that “no they had planned to invest »

Attraction marketing is far superior because it is the natural response to what the customer is looking for. The quality of the product or service is forging itself because you live it by preparing exactly what the user or consumer needs. That is the theme: attract and seduce.

I imagine “Facebooker ads” advertisers as imp sitting on people’s shoulders telling them “buy this, you need it” when it never crossed their minds.

The beauty of organic growth is that it does not generate aversion to the user, you are solving a problem when the client needs it. Think about this: It is very satisfying when you need something and you find exactly what you are looking for, that is the attraction and it must be mutual with the client. It is something so inherent in life itself that we could apply the same logic in many, many ways.

Don’t chase, attract

Your job should not be to harass people and bombard them with remarketing until they get fed up with you, accept the following reality: even if you think your product is very good, there will always be 100 more just like you, bragging about being the best option and bombarding all with Ads.

But there will always be some who make a difference with a product or service much better than yours, much better because it is solving a problem and they are there when people need them, on people’s terms.

I want them to think if your Fanpage is really for people to find you, for you to help them, or if it is to bombard people with remarketing and funnels.

Also think about whether you are contributing something that people want or are over-saturating them with your “valuable content” (read this article)

The best example is Facebook and its constant changes, all have been designed solely and exclusively for the best user experience.

Any SEO knows that organic or search traffic converts at a MUCH higher rate than PAID ads, because people search before being found, it is a fact that is proven and known by all, that is what entrepreneurship is about, that’s what try to start a business.

Important note

I’m not saying at all that investing in Ads or doing sales campaigns on social networks is not effective, of course it is and it is enough to see the millions of businesses that depend on their investment in advertising BUT the moment they stop paying, it is over , you do not sell.

“If you want to collect honey, don’t kick the hive”

Dale Carnegie

So far my entry, please do not forget to follow me on my social networks, I am very excited to be able to talk with you and help you as much as I can.


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