What can the Arab world bring us?


What can the Arab world bring us?

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Transmit the culture to the whole world, without distinction of race or category – Confucius (551 BC-479 BC)
We often limit ourselves to summarizing Arab culture with general knowledge, the memory of a vacation, or simple stereotypes.
However, thanks to their strong identity in various fields (grammatical, religious, tourist, etc.), the Arab countries are one of the richest countries in the world.
A wealth that will make us want to learn Arabic and immerse ourselves in its language and culture, and discover it from a totally different perspective.

What words of Arabic origin do we use in Spanish?: What can the Arab world bring us?

Many times we do not even realize it, but Arabic has completely conditioned our lexicon; to the point that a large percentage of the most frequent words in our vocabulary is of Arabic origin.
Discover the striking colors of the Arab world.
Arabic is a language that spread throughout the world due to the expansion of Islamic civilization in the 7th century. Little by little, the grammar, the vocabulary were settling and giving rise to dialect variants. Spain was undoubtedly one of the territories most marked by these influences, hence why Spanish has so many Arab roots.
Arabic dominated the West until the 13th century in many different areas, but colonization, migration, and literature were the main factors that contributed to the expansion and implantation of this language.
Many of our everyday terms come directly from Arabic, such as “cup”, “coffee”, “sugar”, “orange” , and so on. Would you have imagined it? The words of Arab origin have established itself in many different areas, from music to fashion, as well as through mathematics.
Although we all know that Spanish is a Romance language derived from Latin, the truth is that over the years this language has been forming and has evolved thanks to the influence of other languages, such as Arabic.

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