Learn Arabic by playing

Alphabet, phonetic exercises, vocabulary, writing, reading … It is clear that learning Arabic is not a piece of cake. We cannot pretend to become bilingual overnight, we have no doubt about that.
Of course, to make the learning process more enjoyable, we can use various applications that will help us enjoy our study.

Games: the key to learning: Learn Arabic by playing

It is proven: it is easier for us to memorize when we have fun.
To familiarize ourselves with Arabic, many applications have been developed in recent years that offer games of all kinds. These are recognized games that can be very effective in learning a language.
Learn Arabic wherever you are.
The point and level system helps users stay motivated by encouraging them to always try to exceed their current level. In this way, Arabic classes tend to be more fun. A perfect combination of methodology and fun.

Arabic classes whenever you want

The apps allow you to learn Arabic at any time of the day or week.
A bargain for people who have a very busy life and barely have time to sign up for private lessons or weekly classes at a language school, for example.
In public transport, traveling to an Arab country … Any option is valid. Some applications also allow offline use , that is, without an Internet connection.

Learn Arabic Arabic wherever you want

The smartphones and tablets can go with you wherever you go there. In this way, you can work on your level of Arabic wherever you are. An advantage that you should not underestimate if you tend to constantly move from one side to the other.
The Arabic keyboard application allows us to advance in Arabic writing without the need for a real keyboard with Arabic letters.
Feel free to download some of the best Arabic applications: AlphaBet, Mondly, Salaam… Take a look on the Internet and choose the one that best suits your tastes and needs.

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