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What is Digital Marketing and how is it used?


What is Digital Marketing and how is it used?

The purpose of marketing is the structuring of messages to launch them through the media

But let’s start by defining what marketing is from its roots: From  the communication sciences  comes advertising and from this, marketing; discipline in charge of studying consumers to disseminate products, services and information.

The  digital marketing  is the application of this but in  digital media  such as web pages, applications, social networks or search engines. The main advantage of this is the possibility of exact and real measurements. This allows professionals to structure segmented messages with no other requirement than a computer.

Digital marketing is used like this

First, previously studied messages are structured to transmit them through social networks, web pages and applications.

These messages are used to impact consumers in an accurate and measurable way. It is nothing new that our social networks and devices know EVERYTHING about us.

It is easy for the expert to collect data on people through analytical tools and structure those messages. You can find out the tastes, preferences and behaviors of a conglomerate of people with software online.

Example. Suppose that this person has a client who wants to sell pet products, using these tools he selects a conglomerate of users only from his city with a liking for pets, who have been in a store or follow animal pages.

To these people that you set yourself as your objective, you will send a personalized advertisement through social networks and web pages. This advertising will be very effective because it is personalized with the tastes and preferences of the people who will see it.

Information and entertainment

They play a leading role in all digital channels, so digital marketing must contain these two factors to achieve people’s attention, especially on social networks.

Any ad, image or digital advertising must know how to attract attention and capture people. Since people go online to entertain themselves, find information or talk to someone, messages should be thought about this.

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