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Write a dissertation in English


Write a dissertation in English

Once you have established the structure, you can start writing.  It may seem very risky, since writing in English is not natural for Spaniards and you have to find the right words to express your ideas.
To avoid making mistakes, try not to be distracted by English language difficulties.
The conjugation in English is not as easy as it sounds. We must respect the rules and the concordance of the times . To avoid making mistakes, try to use those times that you master best.
The present simple, the present perfect, the conditional … You can’t use these tenses whenever you want. If you are not sure about yourself, consult any English manual or use a translator.

Use English books to help you with your writing.: Write a dissertation in English

The auxiliary “to have” is sometimes difficult to use, so if you don’t understand something, feel free to ask for help. If you have to write the essay for an English class assignment, review it to avoid mistakes.

Do not forget to work on irregular verbs, verbs that are used very frequently.

Also, don’t neglect adjectives, infinitives, and other special forms that could mislead you. If there is something that costs you more, pay double attention to the writing during the review.
Even if your level is not that of expert and you do not have much vocabulary, do not repeat yourself as the text will not flow. Try using pronouns instead of nouns , for example.
When writing paragraphs, leave space between one idea and another to avoid making everything look too dense. Avoid scratches and smudges and keep text clean. A light text will receive a better grade than one that is studded and cluttered.
All these things will become automatic when you get used to writing texts in English . In the meantime, the hard part will be staying focused while writing the English text. Try to practice if you have time before facing the real test.
Of course, we encourage you to write texts in English for pleasure. This is how you will progress!

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