Private classes to alleviate the gaps in the educational system


Private classes to alleviate the gaps in the educational system

If the educational system does not give you confidence, it is best to resort to tutoring classes . Today, 44% of Spanish students resort to private classes to reinforce the education they receive in schools, institutes and universities, according to a report prepared by the educational platform, according to which, there has been an « important expansion of the use of tutoring ‘around the world.
Why this expansion? Because parents increasingly lose faith in the educational system. Today, students write worse than before, they are still below the European average in terms of math and science proficiency, and our level of English is ranked 19th in Europe.
Those most affected by the poor organization of our educational system are obviously the students. To compensate for these gaps, it is best to turn to a tutor for school support .
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During school support classes, your child will be able to review all the important subjects: Private classes to alleviate the gaps in the educational system

Spanish Language and Literature Classes,
English classes,
French classes,
History and Geography classes,
Math classes,
Physics and Chemistry classes,
Biology Classes
Economics classes
Philosophy classes, etc.
Private classes at home are an excellent way to guarantee the student’s academic success . Also acting as an academic advisor, the private teacher will teach his classes at a constant pace to alleviate the academic difficulties of the educational system .
In addition, your child will enjoy personalized follow-up with private lessons after class or during school holidays. Thanks to his training, the private teacher knows how to accompany a student and transmit the basic concepts of the subjects.
Goodbye to school failure! With an appropriate methodology, the private teacher will return the pleasure of studying to your child.

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