Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, closer and closer to your hands


Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, closer and closer to your hands

This week it seems that it will be one of the most information about the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 we have discovered so far.

If you like tablets and do not settle for Chinese brands, even if they have good quality / price or if you go from the apple models, take a look at this one from the Koreans.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 Features Leaked

As so many times, it has been when testing the device that part of the features that the new Samsung tablet would have were made known. According to the data that we can see in the image that you will see below, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 would be camouflaged under the name SM-T835 .

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

The operating system that will govern this device is none other than Android 8.0 . It will have a 10.5-inch 5-point multitouch screen with a resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels .

The one in charge of moving the games that you want to play on it will be the Adreno 540 GPU , as well as its general processing will be in charge of an 8-core Snapdragon 835 processor that runs at a speed of 2.3 GHz . Its memory is 4 GB of RAM and its storage capacity is 64 GB of ROM , although part of it will be occupied by the system.

According to the image, its photographic section has a 12-megapixel main camera and an 8-megapixel secondary camera or selfie . It can also be seen that it has a multitude of sensors, among which the NFC is not found .

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

Availability and price of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

Although nothing is assured, if we take into account the past editions of the MWC, it could be that the protagonist of this article will be officially seen at this event. If so, it is likely that we will show you how it looks in our hands … let’s cross our fingers. Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, closer and closer to your hands

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