School support pages for high school students


School support pages for high school students

With the School Graduate, high school students must prepare for the period leading up to higher education . Going from ESO to high school can be just as difficult for some as going from school to institute, since the classes are even more difficult and students have the obligation to choose one or another branch of high school.
It is in high school when computer tools are most useful for students.
Can the Internet help struggling students overcome obstacles ? As in primary and secondary, it is a complex issue.
In general, difficulties do not magically appear in high school. A student who has difficulties in ESO, will have even more in high school. And turning to free school support pages won’t help you get better grades. In this case, it is better to turn to a private teacher to improve and pass the selectivity.
However, students who want to consolidate their knowledge, review or practice , can do it without problems through the Internet.

Among the school support pages for students of the academy bachillerato madrid , we can mention:

Vitutor (Mathematics and English)
About numbers (Mathematics)
The Mansion of the English
Easy Classroom (Math, Physics, Line Drawing and History)
Professor 10 (Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry)
Language Classroom (Spanish Language and Literature)
In high school, students must be totally independent and be able to take notes in class and search for information on the Internet. While in primary and secondary school, parents must stay with their children, in high school students can do well on their own. At this stage, parents have the role of coach or mentor to give them the keys to pass high school and prepare selectivity .
As you can see, it is relatively easy to find free web pages to review at home after class. However, the key to everything is establishing a good workspace and getting organized .
The Internet will not help you overcome your problems if you do not have a good methodology and concentration, but it could even make it worse if you consult the wrong resources at the wrong time.
The web should be used as a support for learning. Paying attention in class represents most of the work.

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