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Apple Families, all your parental control services


Apple Families, all your parental control services

Apple Families becomes the place where the Cupertino have joined all their parental control services. Un Lugar, a web page, where the company offers information to parents about the tools available for their children to make responsible and safe use of their devices.

Apple Families, designed for security and sharing: Apple Families, all your parental control services

Surely you are concerned about what your children may be doing with the tablet or smartphone. Have they accessed inappropriate content? Have you bought an application? Apple has thought about it and is concerned like you with the safety of the little ones. For this reason, it has decided to gather all the information in one place.

Apple Families is a place for the whole family. Although it is more intended for parents concerned about the safety of their children. A website where they can learn to configure all the parental control tools available . A place where Apple helps parents choose what their children can do with their devices.

We can learn how to filter accessible content, change privacy settings and much more.

We have absolute control . We can even disable features and restrict the use of apps. But sometimes we get lost among so many options. Apple has thought of giving us a hand.

Apple Families reports on monitoring and tracking services like Find my Friends or Find my iPhone, for example. With it, we will know where the child and the device are at all times.

 apple families

On the other hand, applications such as Family Sharing are used to share photos, music, books or movies among family members .

The list of services and options is more extensive. Therefore, if you use apple devices in your home, Apple Families is an essential place. At a single glance and in a single direction you can discover all the tools at your fingertips.

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