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Apple officially presents its new iPad 9.7 ”version 2018


Apple officially presents its new iPad 9.7 ”version 2018

There was a lot of buzz about the presentation of a new iPad model throughout the Keynote that Apple has held in the last day. Elements such as an accessible price and characteristics oriented to the educational segment stood out in the first instance, although in the end it is a slight improvement compared to the basic model .

The 9.7-inch iPad in its 2018 version is presented mainly as a classic model without too many new features, only highlighting the inclusion of support for Apple’s Pencil and the reduction of its price by approximately 50 euros when compared to the cost imposed. for the launch of the basic iPad of the previous generation.

9.7-inch iPad Features: Apple officially presents its new iPad 9.7 ”version 2018

In details, this popular Apple tablet has as a novelty the presence of an A10 Fusion processor developed by the same Cupertino company, which in terms of performance is a version that is one notch below the iPad Pro. In addition, as already We mentioned it, the use of the official optical pointer of the brand is supported , something that was also limited until now in the Pro models.

In other matters, the same specifications are maintained such as a 9.7-inch screen with a resolution of 2048 × 1536 pixels (264 dpi) , 2 GB of RAM memory, 8 megapixel cameras for its rear face, 5 megapixels for the front and a battery that lasts for around 10 hours of autonomy .

With a commercialization that will start from the following week, those interested can already reserve the model in question from today. The prices correspond to 349 euros for the basic option with 32 GB of internal storage and Wi-Fi connectivity, while the version with SIM slot goes up to 479 euros.

Finally, if they are educational centers when making the purchase, you can get a discount of 30 euros per unit. Of course, its sale does not include the popular Pencil, having to pay an extra 99 euros to get each one.

What did you think of the presentation of the 9.7-inch iPad 2018 ? Was it a disappointment?

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