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From what age can we turn to school support?


From what age can we turn to school support?

Contrary to what we might believe, there is not really an age limit to receive tutoring classes .
If parents choose to use a private agency , such as Acadomia, private classes will be more restrictive . Indeed, the classes they propose generally begin with ESO and continue throughout the Baccalaureate. Classes are also offered for university students, but there are very few private tutors who agree to teach at such a high level.

What if your kid was a little genius in biology?: From what age can we turn to school support?

On the contrary, opting for school support ads will allow you not to have to limit yourself to these age restrictions.
At Superprof, you can have:
Private classes for children, from infant ,
Private classes for primary school students ,
Private classes for ESO students,
Private classes for university students,

Private classes for adult learners who want to catch up.

Here, it is not the age that is taken into account, but rather the level of the student: private teachers who work with primary school children focus mainly on pedagogy , while certified teachers focus on improving the student to prepare your access to elite studies, for example.
In any case, it is advisable to wait until 1st grade to offer children home school support classes . The student will thus have had time to develop their autonomy and will be mature enough to understand the educational challenges of teaching.
Thanks to afternoon classes or intensive courses during school holidays, the student will be able to live up to the expectations of the educational system and even be ahead of the program.

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