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The different forms of school support


The different forms of school support

When we think of “private lessons”, we get a pretty clear idea: a private teacher who teaches his young student at home.
However, private classes can take different forms .
In fact, private teaching is having such a development that the ways of learning are multiplying to adapt to the expectations of the parents.
Thanks to distance classes, it is possible to learn even during school holidays.

Here are the different types of private classes: The different forms of school support

Homework help tutoring: the most popular form of private school support. In this case, a qualified teacher accompanies your student and helps him solve the math problems or advises him on a reduction in Spanish. The goal is not to do your homework for you, but rather to develop your individual reasoning.
Private group classes : this type of teaching is especially useful for parents who have a small budget . Students can learn among several (generally, there are between 3 and 8 students), thanks to quality classes that allow, even if there are several, a much more explicit pedagogical follow-up than in class. Group classes also allow students to communicate with their comrades and feel less alone in their learning.
Private classes : the objective of the teacher here is not only for the student to review the lesson he has seen in class, but also to provide a complement to his knowledge , to help him improve himself. The private teacher can propose a different approach from the classes to help the student to be more attentive and interested in the subject he teaches. Likewise, you can provide complementary exercises to help the student train on their own.
The online support classes through the webcam : this new way of teaching uses all the educational resources available online . The advantage is above all the price, much cheaper than the classic classes because the teacher does not have any travel expenses. By using  numerical language , the student will be more likely to be involved in their education and will even be able to communicate and ask their teacher for advice through online exchange platforms.
Some teaching formats, such as group lessons or webcam lessons, can be scary for parents who are not familiar with these new practices.
Don’t panic – over 92% of our Super Teachers offer their first class for free.
So you can try these new ways of teaching and choose the one that best suits your needs!

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