How to identify fake news on Facebook


How to identify fake news on Facebook

Knowing how to differentiate information quickly on the internet gives you a great advantage over the vast majority

2020 was marked in the canons of history by the pandemic, an event that seems to be taken from a Resident Evil or Walking Dead installment.

Its healthy distance!

The demand for information, entertainment and digital communication has grown in titanic proportions, this is due to isolation as a pandemic control measure, being at home increases exponentially the anxiety to be informed, entertained and communicated.

Fake news and the demand for information: How to identify fake news on Facebook

Web traffic has grown more than five thousand percent, we are definitely living the perfect time for a blog or written content , whether you want to make money with ads, promote information or sell products / services

The real problem is manipulation; With so much demand, the number of people looking for easy money with fake news also grows.

Write down the following because it will definitely take you one step ahead of the rest. If knowledge is power, the correct handling of information would be something like the special super power with the power bar full.

That is why below I want to share with you some tips so that you are one step ahead when you come across fake news.

How to spot fake news: How to identify fake news on Facebook

You are calmly on Face and suddenly, bang comes out in fiery red LAST MINUTE followed by some horrible news, in that case you will do the following:

  1. You are not going to share, or click, or interact with ANYONE for 1 minute, in fact, it counts the time.
  2. You are going to think and DOUBT, no matter how meaningful you think the note has.
  3. Did it cause you an emotional reaction? Be suspicious. Made-up news is designed to make you feel just that.
  4. Google it, look for more references on it.
  5. You are going to look inside the note for the sources. When news is true, bring official sources to the bottom.
  6. You will review the call to action. When a news item is false, it asks verbatim that you believe it, that you do not distrust it, and it asks you to do something like share or comment.

How to identify them

1) Read the entire story, not just the headline. Click fucking mother, do not share without reading. I know that by opening the note you are helping them, but there is no other way, the time will come that you distinguish the news without opening it.

2) Analyze the source. Check the domain and where it is distributed, if it is shared by “the fake science blog” obviously you will not believe it immediately.

3) Follow news agencies . National and international, consume 70% news agencies, 30% news from your country, within these 15% local and 15% national. This will prevent you from falling into opinions, trends and yellowishness.

4) Learn the fucking journalistic genres. A NOTE, A CHRONICLE, A COLUMN AND AN OPINION are not the same. It is the most common mistake people make, people read an opinion column from an “influencer” who writes in a medium and does not even realize that in the HEADING IT SAYS: IN THE OPINION OF. This is very serious since they take as facts the opinion and visibility of the moment of some public figure.

5) For what you want the most and I put it again, WHEN YOU THINK THAT A NEWS IS VERY CONVINCING, the more I think it makes all the sense in the world, when you feel that “that must be true” because “according to you” it has a logic In fact, THIS IS WHEN YOU MUST DOUBT THE INFORMATION THE MOST.


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