RAHAT ALI complete information


RAHAT ALI complete information

RAHAT ALI complete information
RAHAT ALI complete information

Full name: Muhammad Rabat Ali.

Date of birth: 12 September, 1988.

Current age: 31 years.

Birth place: Multan, Pakistan.

Height in m: 1.91 m.

Height in cm: 191 cm.

Height in feet: and inches 6 ft. 3 inches.

Religion: Islam.

Profession: cricket.

Role: all rounds.

Batting style: Right handed.

Bowling style: left arm fast medium.

Major teams: Pakistan, khan research laboratories, Multan, Multan region under 19s, Multan tigers, Quetta gladiators, Sui northern gas pipelines limited.

Eye color: black.

Hairs color: black.

Favorite color: black.

Favorited dishes: biryani and other fast foods.

Favorite place: London, Europe, and some others.


Rahat Ali is an international cricketer of Pakistan team. He is an amazing and good member of Pakistan team. In his childhood he admission in the primary school of Multan. He completes the primary education in the school of Multan. In first time he participate the game of racing in the school which activities are organize in the primary school level. He completes the secondary education in Multan school. I his childhood he always participate in any game but mostly participate the cricket match. He always participates as a role of bowler. His batting style is so amazing. In any he wishes to take a wicket but this is so tough. He is playing with many teams such as Punjab cricket team, KRL cricket team, Multan tigers, Karachi kings, and Quetta gladiators. He was playing first match with the Punjab cricket team in the year of 2001 to 2002. In this test match series his performance is not good because this is first match. After this test match series his performance good. So he progress day by day. He also plays with Multan tigers in 2007 to 2015. In this match his performance is so good and amazing he take a wicket. After the wicket he was so happy on his best performance. In this match his couch is also appreciate him to play good. He also contract with Karachi king in 2017. He also plays with Quetta gladiators in 2018 to 2019. His international career is so interesting then the other member of Pakistan team. He contract with South Africa on 1 February in 2013 as a test debut. He contract with Ireland on 12 may 2018 in last test match series and he contract with Sri Lanka on 9 June 2012 in ODI debut. His batting average in test match series is 9.50 and in FC is 6.40. His top scoring in test match series is 35 and in FC is also 35.


The Rahat Ali is a Pakistani player. The Rahat Ali is a Muslim and his nationality is Pakistani. The religion of Rahat Ali is Islam. The full name is Rahat Ali and his nick name is Rahat. The nick name only calls his family members and his friends with love. The Rahat Ali is born in Multan. The Multan is a birth place of Rahat Ali. He was born of 12 September 1988 and Multan. The age is 30 years old. The current age of Rahat Ali is 30 years and 130 days. The Rahat Ali is played a role of bowling in a team of Pakistan. The Rahat Ali is a best bowler of Pakistan team. The Rahat Ali is married. The spend married life with her wife. The Rahat Ali is married with her girlfriend. They have no children. The Rahat Ali is great love with her parents and our sisters and brothers. The Rahat Ali is mostly spending our holidays and free time with our family. The Rahat Ali gives great importance of our parents. Any decision of his life his parents decide, because the parents of Rahat Ali make his future. The language of Rahat Ali is Urdu but sometimes he was telling English after match performance. The shirt number of Rahat Ali is 90. The hand writing style is left.

RAHAT ALI complete information CARRIER:

The Rahat Ali is a bowler of Pakistan team. The Rahat Ali is play in 2013 vs. South Africa. They also won the t20 match with other teams. The Rahat Ali is act best performance in match. The ODI debut in 9 June 2012 vs. Sri Lanka. The major team of Rahat Ali is Pakistan. The Rahat Ali got some awards in during of life. The Rahat Ali get first award in 2011. And second award in 2013. The Rahat Ali is most intelligent and broad minded player of Pakistan team. The PSL team of Rahat Ali is Quetta Gladiators.  He complete of his early education from primary school of Multan. Then after matric education he was enter in university life. Then he completes our graduation from university of Multan.

RAHAT ALI complete information MAJOR TEAMS:

The major team of Rahat Ali is following as

  • Quetta Gladiators.
  • Khan research laboratories in Multan.
  • Multan region under-19s.
  • Multan tigers.
  • Sui Northern gas pipelines limited.

RAHAT ALI complete information STYLE DURING MATCH:

The style is much differs than other players. The batting style is right handed and bowling style is left handed.

RAHAT ALI complete information PHYSICAL APPERANCE:

The face color is brownish. The shape of face is beautiful. The eye color is black and black color of his eyes naturally. Therefore the eyes of Rahat Ali are so attractive. The hairs color is black and his black color of his hairs is also naturally like his eye color. He was not used any hairs color on our hairs. The Rahat Ali is only used oil and shampoo for hairs beauty and hair protections. The oil and shampoo give protection from dryness’s and hairs falls. The shampoo and oil give better nourishment and shining of hairs. The leg is long and arm is moderate. The pink is not present in pink form. The lip color is dark brownish. The Rahat Ali used only lip gloss in winter season fir lips protection from dryness.

RAHAT ALI complete information BODY SIZE:

The height of Rahat Ali is 6 feet and 3 inches and 1.91 in millimeters. The biceps size is 14 inches. And his waist of body is 34. The legs are long and arm size is moderate like other Pakistani players. The nick size is moderate. The body size is maintained when he joined gym for body fitness.


The body weight is 76 kilogram. The body weight is not occurring in constant form. The body weight is ultimately changed during the passage of time. The body weight is may be increase when his body does not doing properly work. When the body is doing properly work the body weight is decrease. Therefore for body weight constant he was used different techniques like as gym joined, eat healthy foods, daily exercise for body fitness. The body weight is increase in high level than our real body weight. That is not better of cricketers’ body. Due to increase body weight he was not run properly during the match. Therefore the body weight is maintained is most necessary for players.


The hobbies of Rahat Ali is following as

  • Watching movies.
  • Watching different TV shows.
  • Playing cricket,.
  • Watching football match.
  • Listening music.
  • Reading of history books.


The Favorite place is London, France, Saudi Arab, and Europe. The Rahat Ali is going with her family for enjoyment. These places make the mind of man fresh and happy. The London and Europe is most beautiful place of world.


The Favorite foods of Rahat Ali is following as

  • Chicken biryani.
  • Chicken soup.
  • Green vegetables.
  • Chinese Palou.
  • Fry fishes.
  • Chicken roast.

And in fast foods he was like as

  • Chicken burger.
  • Chicken sand witches.

And in sweet dishes he was like

  • Ice cream.
  • Chocolate cake.
  • Sohna halwa.


The Favorite drink is strawberry juice, apple juice, orange juice, and fresh pineapple juice. The only take soft drinks because the soft drinks are not harmful for health and other internal body organs. The soft drinks are making healthy. The soft drinks are most helpful for health.


The Favorite day of Rahat Ali is Friday and Sunday. The Friday is most important and great day for Muslim. In this day the people is come together in mosque for Names-e Judah. And in Sunday it is a most important day for Rahat Ali because in this day the holiday. The Rahat Ali goes with our family for picnic in different place for enjoyment.


The Favorite things are Ferrari, and Pajero jeep. The Rahat Airs also like heavy bike. The speed is very high of heavy bike.


The Favorite color of Rahat Ali is black therefore in his marriage day he was wear black color dress. In black color dresses he was looking so handsome and beautiful. The Rahat Ali is also wearing black dresses in different functions and interviews.


The Rahat Ali used different social media profiles for people comments and information in the world.

He was used following social media web sites as


The salary of Rahat Ali is 300,000RS. The salary is not used in other type illegal activities. The Rahat Ali is used our salary in legal works. The Rahat Ali used for first salary in the way of Allah.



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